Friday, June 10, 2005

Foodstuffs with anti-oxidants

There are certain food stuffs that keep us safe from infections and allergies. I am listing below those anti-oxidant food-stuffs which save you from infections.

Food stuffs with Vitamin A
- Whole Milk
- Egg yolk
- Colocasia (arbi)
- Drumsticks
- Carrot with leaves
- Spinach
- Turnip
- Mangoes
- Apricots
- Raspberries
- Oranges

Food stuffs with Vitamin C
- Parsley
- Cabbage
- Guava
- Lemon
- Orange
- Papaya

Food stuffs with Vitamin E
- Vegetable Oils
- Wheat germ oil
- Sunflower oil
- Soyabean oil

These antioxidants help us to keep skin, hairs, teeth and gums healthy.
Helps in faster healing of wounds.


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